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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My First Sim On This Blog!~ Olivia Madroe

Olivia Madroe~

Olivia is never happy with the way she looks, every week she dyes her hair a different color. When she was younger she got bullied for being half asian and half polish. People always made fun of her for speaking polish, but looking like an asian. She lives on her own in a small house in Riverview, away from her strict parents who are both retired doctors. She has a little sister named Malaya who is 10 years old. Malaya shows no asian resemblance, but speaks polish.

Everyday Wear

Formal Wear


Athletic Wear

Swim Wear

Up-Close Face Shot

Skin-  Ephemera MALE and FEMALE version
DEFAULT Eyes-  shadowwolf5889 Shiny eyes
Lip Slider-  Hermi
Face Sliders-  Ahmad. All except shoulder and neck sliders.

Hair-  Anubis Under The Sun
Eyebrows-  Elexis
Everyday-  Anubis Under The Sun
Formal-  Anubis Under The Sun
Sleepwear-  Base Game
Athletic-  Base Game
Swimwear-  Base Game